About Rhombus5

Secure | Resilient | Agile

What Does Rhombus5 Believe

We believe that Cyber Security does not have to be complicated. We believe that Cyber Security is not an end state. Most importantly, Rhombus5 believes that all stakeholders play a role that is both unique and relevant in creating solutions that must thrive in a cyber contested environment. The Rhombus5 mission is simple and straightforward – support the customers’ drive for solutions that are Secure, Resilient, and Agile.


No system is perfectly secure! The concept of “secure” may be best stated as an organization’s propensity for risk. Rhombus5 will support its customer's unique risk position. Rhombus5 will support your project from conception, requirements, and engineering development, to operational deployment.


Rhombus5 believes that resiliency is a core tenet of an organization’s risk posture. Resiliency is an opportunity to balance anticipated threats, system protection, and organizational capability while fully appreciating the cost impact on the system developer, maintainer, and owner.


Organizations hampered by heavy-handed processes may be well-intentioned but contribute zero value to nearly all stakeholders. Rhombus5 believes that supporting today’s complex business partners demands the agility to address an ever-evolving threat landscape.

We Believe

Innovation and cost-effective solutions can co-exist

Our Team

The Rhombus5 team has developed and supported the coordination of nearly every Statutory and Regulatory artifact required as part of DoDD 5000.01 and DoDI 5000.02. The Rhombus5 team has an extensive background in supporting the US Government’s roll-out of the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF). The team has performed risk and vulnerability assessment’s upon nearly every major US Air Force airborne platform.

Rhombus5 is comprised of engineers and technologists experienced in the acquisition, sustainment, information security, and test and evaluation efforts on numerous airborne platforms, embedded sub-systems and armaments to include the VC-25B (NextGen AIR FORCE ONE), VC-25A, C-40, C-37, F-15, ASARS, EPAWSS, AIM-120 and E-4B. The team is experienced in providing subject-matter-expertise starting at Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) and continuing through Sustainment.

The team assisted the U.S. Air Force in it’s transition from DIACAP and DCID while introducing numerous System Program Offices (SPOs) to the new risk assessment approach. While lesser known in the DoD community, the team is also knowledgeable in implementing the more commercially focused NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) throughout a variety of industrial control systems managed by the US Air Force. Along with those engineering and acquisition responsibilities, the Rhombus5 staff provides consultation services to the Air Force’s AFLCMC’s Cybersecurity organization.

The team stays current in the use of a wide variety of toolsets adopted by the engineering community and information protection professionals. The professional at Rhombus5 have the domain expertise in using tools such as Kali, ACAS, Nessus, Metasploit, Fortify, Coverity, Xacta, Retina, Risk Blade Manager, Xacta and CAMEO.

Additionally, the team has more than 30 years of demonstrated accomplishments in most of the commonly employed software languages such as Python, C/C++/C#, Java and Ruby.